Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carnivorous Ponies

Only brainstorming ideas for Clan Lord could make me consider how scary a carnivorous horse would be. Those things are Strong, give them a taste for human flesh and you've got yourself a nice horror movie. Almost as scary as this.


  1. Why, oh why ? When all resources and energy should be concentrating on adding more spiders !


    "Heracles was not aware that the horses, called Podagros (the fast), Lampon (the shining), Xanthos (the blond) and Deinos (the terrible), were kept tethered to a bronze manger because they were wild; their madness being attributed to an unnatural diet of human flesh."

  3. that would make for a good four part grove or some "open" looking area

  4. That movie is proof that kiwis have a sick sense of humor.

    Though, throwing mint jelly on a weresheep and having it hiss like the effect of holy water on a vampire was a nice touch.