Monday, September 27, 2010

And Pets Get Even More Awesome

Bloodmages can cancel one of their abilities by saying a "magic word" to rise from the dead. The main reason for this was there just aren't many good triggers for abilities when you're fallen, since you can't use an item. Some talk on the bloodmage forum about the general idea (including Skirwan's idea to allow people to customize the commands, so cool!) got me to thinking about how a game with verbal based commands could be cool. Instead of typing /use fireball your character would just shout "Abra Cadabra!" (or Hadouken!) and your spell would be cast.

Well, I just made the leap that this is the natural way to do pet commands. Probably make them customizable, too. Maybe you can train your pet with positive re-enforcement for certain words. ;) (This will almost certainly never happen, but cool all the same.) Regardless, even noncustomizable verbal commands are great. They eliminate the need for an extra item, and add flavor. If I were a good GM I'd leave it as a surprise, but it's your own fault for reading the blog and having it spoiled.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How To Make a Suggestion

Focus on the Problem, not your Solution
A suggestion is pretty useless if we don't know what the root problem you're trying to solve is. On top of that, sitting down and figuring out exactly what the problem is, and why it is a problem, really helps to define what the proper solution is.

I'm also personally much more likely to respond to someone giving a concrete example of a situation which was just outright no fun. I can identify with it, think of how I'd feel the in the situation, and get annoyed by proxy enough to act.

Granted, some of the coolest ideas are just that, cool ideas. No concrete problem that needs solving, just a fun new mechanic that adds interesting decisions to the game. So there are exceptions to this rule.

Avoid Definitive Statements
Words like "never" and "always" turn me away from suggestions almost instantly. If someone is exaggerating to make their point; I don't take them seriously.

Be Nice
I have delayed work on things before because of the way suggestions were worded, even when I agree with them. I've got lots of things to work on, and I'm going to work on the things that make nice, but frustrated, people happy.

Be Persistent, but not Annoying
There is a fine line between persistence and annoyance.

Multiple reports in a single update. Not useful, it can't have possibly been fixed by then.

Bringing the same thing up over and over again in off topic posts. Not useful, makes me ignore the issue.

*Just* bumping a thread every month? Questionable.

Posting to a thread with another (unique) report of the same general issue every month, and a re-iteration of why it is unfun? Useful!

Bug every update if a perceived issue still exists? Useful!

Realize Your Needs Are Personal
They don't apply to everyone. You don't speak for everyone. You can only speak for you. Embrace this, I'm more likely to respond to a personal appeal anyway. You aren't fooling me pretending to speak for the community.

I don't give a crap what the poll says.